~ Capturing Your Life Moments From My Perspective ~

My Story-Meet Heather

 I moved to Colorado from Fargo, North Dakota in 2005. Photography was always on my mind, so in 2013 I took the plunge! Outdoor weddings, engagement sessions and portraits are my passion, however give me all the cute families and we will capture every moment!

Our boys are my "guinea pigs" and they get their photos taken... A LOT. I just keep telling myself, some day they will love all the amazing moments we documented together. The tantrums may come because "mommy I told you we could only take one picture today" or I may find red glitter in my car for the next month, but its all worth it! I will never regret taking their pictures!

I have a tendency to be "type A" and a slight perfectionist. Nevertheless our toddlers are teaching me that even if the sessions don't go as perfectly as I had planned in my mind, those moments are the best reflection of "our perfect" right now. Are you ready to captured your "perfect" moments from my perspective?

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