~ Capturing Your Life Moments From My Perspective ~

My Story-Meet Heather

 I moved to Colorado from from Fargo, North Dakota in 2005. Photography was always on my mind, so in 2013 I took the plunge! Outdoor weddings and portraits are my passion, however give me all the cute families and we can call it a day!

Our boys are my "guinea pigs" and they get their photos taken... A LOT. I just keep telling myself, some day they will love all the amazing moments we documented together. The tantrums may come because "mommy I told you we could only take one picture today" or I may find red glitter in my car for the next month, but its all worth it! I will never regret taking their picture!

I have a tendency to be "type A" and a bit of a perfectionist. Nevertheless our toddlers are teaching me that even if the sessions don't go as perfectly as I had planned in my mind, those moments are the best reflection of "our perfect" right now. Are you ready to captured your "perfect" moments from my perspective?

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